5 comments on “SLOW: Betas at Play

  1. Excuse me? I look both ways before I cross the street and wait for cars… and I grew up in Stillwater!

    Well, besides that, the heads-down street crossings have been occurring ever since I can remember- and probably way before that!
    Welcome to Stillwater, Heidi!

  2. you called us frat boys, normally you call us fratties so I’m pretty disappointed you let your guard down there. Needless to say you have yet to mention how we love to longboard in the middle of the street, usually without looking both ways as well. Yeah…longboarding….now thats what I call frat. Anyways when you have a reply to tell me you can refer to me as Fratty McJorts, because jorts are so fratty.

    • Fratty McJorts-
      My sincerest apologies for such a careless mistake. It has been promptly corrected.
      Perhaps I shall mention the longboarding and jorts when I decide to write another Fratty post someday.


  3. Fratty McJorts Speaking, Where is this sign you have planned on putting outside your dormitory. We have all been on the edge of our seats waiting to see this beautiful sign. CAN’T WAIT!!

    • I am unbelievably sorry to have kept you waiting. Perhaps the sign will appear sometime in the next few weeks. But, as my calc teacher in HS liked to say: don’t hold your breath while you wait — you’ll probably die.

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